the word that refers to the word that refers to walt disney

by Beargarden

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A miscellany of b-sides, out takes and demos accumulated between 1982 and 1985


released November 30, 2010

Sam Sejavka (vocals)
Carl Manuell (drums, vocals)
Gus Till (keyboards)
Shane Andalou (guitar)
Ross Farnell (bass)
Simon Polinski (bass)



all rights reserved


Beargarden Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: sixty perfect windows

I saw surprise,
an apple in your eye -
falls like a lottery at your feet.

the burning neck
of the burning dog is wet
he twists on wind down sober streets

no fever.
sixty windows

there she stands,
abashed and bewildered -
love is here.

you had a rag
you dragged across the eye:
dead eye of muscle glass and glue.
the killer came;
he never had to ask -
forever shards for you ...
too soon.


your bottle bled.
your bottle almost blind.
you raise your family like a fist.
a bright bouquet,
and sex in shattered glass -
forever blessed but never kissed.


tonight ...
Track Name: bons baisers
~ bons baisers ~

one kiss for Rita;
she's fleet of the fist.
one kiss for Candy;
she favours the twist.

and one for you
just one ...
for you.

one kiss for Candy;
she plan to be wed.
one kiss, for Sue uses strychnine


and one for all the tears I've frozen,
for you.
I swallow lips that cruel;
they wait for you

maybe ...
maybemaybemaybe ...
o, flay me!
maybemaybemaybe ...

at times ...
my heart becomes a whore -
(and) that's the one thing you've forgotten.


I follow lips that cool;
they wait for you

one kiss, two kiss,
through this it grew.
one kiss.
each of us.
one kiss ...
one kiss and I can't forget her.

Track Name: the finer things
~ the finer things ~

i need a key.
i need that luxury,

with cameras and cages and cars,
I follow the lives of the stars

are you sending out?
or are you sealing in
in life?

your ebony rose
grows where no one goes -
a cold road.

the shade
of the years,
that I should know
I should know so well -
I laid all I had on a spell


I need a key -
I need that luxury,
banshee ...
spin with me spin with me well;
I've laid all I had on a spell.

well are you sending out?
or are you sealing in
some of THE FINER THINGS I know?
Track Name: the best of them
~ The Best of Them ~

this one grooves
and this one palpitates
this one’s four
foot seven tall
this one sheds
her wet embroidery
in a smear
along the wall

no good at all

you are the best of them
heroes and all

this one flaunts
her algebraic love
for the full course
of her life
for the din
and for the energy
for the shrill
blade of a knife

good good good night


and so should I
make this creature bright
and derange
her spangled flesh
for a time
this knotted atmosphere
might relax
might just relent

oh heaven sent

you are the best of them
heroes and all
you are the best of them
heroes and all
you are the best of them
Track Name: west

I want to tell you,
i believe
we can wait on eternity.
it comes to me.

i am an anchor
you're a tide
maybe some day
i can catch a ride

rest easy, love,
we have hoped for less.

WEST, to the
WEST, to the
WEST, to the
western wall go
if you surrender to the call:

western wall

some sail the ocean.
some are blue,
says the west wind,
the light of another moon -
and heaven too

holding a compass
to the gale,
with a thousand miles
to be sailed

I follow the star
that leads me best


your hand fits like a glove ...

it's been so long,
for what remains,
and what is gone

Track Name: lounge
~ lounge ~

Billy found it in the corn -
been warned a thousand times before.
when took it home,
they bolted the windows,
they bolted the doors,
and made Billy sleep in the straw.

in the straw.

Cherie found it on the floor.
she'd seen things like this before,
(but) when she tried it on
her eyes misted over,
her breathing grew long -
once Cherie danced like a swan.

lounging in the light,
lithe and white.
lounging in the light,
day and night and day and night and ...
i win.

my hands are free.
I'm tapping my fingers;
I'm making my tea.
I don't you to bother me

Track Name: the drunk hand

the cream of the guests at the family banquet
lean on the hand -
and from the elbow, wrist, the fist they kiss -
and dive for the throat
of the hapless host,
who dies like a dog
with a ding-a-ling drunk hand.

it cannot move
it cannot feel
it only drinks

yes, it drinks!
I think ...

and it ...
shares the wrong time,
shares the wrong time,
there's the wrong time!

hold to your glove!
your drunk glove!
lean on the hand!
raise THE DRUNK HAND higher!

what's that?
the hand that toasts the drink will light the fire.
it might just follow you for a million years ...
and they howl at the man
with the cloak and the stick,
who's sick in the palm
of a ding-a-ling drunk hand.

it cannot speak
it cannot pay
it only drinks.


there is right and a wrong hand,
with poison beneath every nail.
how can i lose with a drunk hand?
oh, how can I possibly fail?


who put that champagne fist up high upon the spire?
where people come from miles around
to watch the art -
as his heart
does rip from his chest
in the shape the form of a deified drunk hand.

i used to be a scientist but now I'm drunk


how can I possibly fail
Track Name: saint vitus

got a gin on his finger,
sin in his eye.
got a quirk in his nature,
and a serious side.

got the breath of a cherub
born on the fourth of July.
he's going to dance for you tonight,
under a mackerel sky.

tonight tonight

tune into his heavy line on ecstasy.
(heavy line)
hold that heavy hymn.

burning like a sin, ST VITUS,

he's got the heart of a hornet,
the head of a beer.
he's got a smooth way of talking -


get up and burn down,
unholy whore.

brother gin, your heavy line is discipline.
(heavy line)
hold that heavy hymn.


for you, tonight,
I touch down.
for you, tonight,
I touch down.
Track Name: musculature

there's a well of love in this private Eden,
but the flesh is gone,
my wits have sunken,
and I can't scratch through ...

cause I'm wired in the fat
and the beef
and the glory
of this ...

in a suit of meat
in a shell of iron

I'm a shrivelled saint
I'm a shrunken athlete -
and I'm wired in the fat
and the beef
and the glory
of this ...


I follow her as a deaf subaltern.
at her beck and call I do the dumb dance -
and it goes like this ...
it goes around and around.
in circles.

they made me kneel on dried beans ...
they made me call The Gymnast God ...
they made me dig for yams ...
they made me bite the hairs off dirty tubers
no, I won't forget
I won't remember
o, no.


suit of meat
shell of iron
who will evict you now?
suit of meat
shell of iron
who will undress tomorrow.
suit of meat
shell of iron
who will entreat you now?
suit of meat
shell of iron
your eyes undress tomorrow.
Track Name: the four walls
~the four walls ~

each and every night
eyes darting in all directions -
I see
no sense at all

Uneasily love
I’m freezing the sheets against you -
against a heart
against the only only heart

where are the four walls?
war ...
where are the ones I know so well ...
I know the damn things well

saturday night
light breaks in a sheet against you
in still air
one breeze melts all

hell of a night
light tearing the sheets around you
in losing heart
I lost the only only heart


where are the four walls?
Track Name: tales from the fleshpot

something went wrong inside a fleshpot!
there was a bitter, burning stench.
there was a fish
the juice of which
spilled from the father's lips, and ...
it made no clear and earthly sense

it goes ...
a wilder world!
nothing boils.
nothing left to burn.
a wilder world!
(it's) my native soil
but it's none of my concern

there was a tremor in the fleshpot!
fell from that table to the floor!
and out they crawled ...
the bugs,
the beetles,
faces red with anger -
we should have thought of this before.


and a goat
in a dark goat -
a touch too bright,
a touch too hollow -
dreams in his new genes.
is he too small?
too small to swallow this?

this prune hangs in space,
as he picks through the bones ...
this prune hangs in space.
this prune is ...

a wilder world
a wider world
a wilder world
a wider world


shoot it!
it's the one I love!
shoot it!
it's the one I love!
Track Name: the great undulator

a swamp, a swamp
in troubled tufts,
is caked like mud
on the drooping edges of her mouth
that pours ...
and here I go ...
through beer and spit,
she sucks me, sits me at the bar,
and thinks another drink
will rip through this -
this choking,
choking in my chest,
that draws a perfect gasp
a perfect thing
that was tired of waiting in the ashtrays

I'd like to know you well
but there's no way
as far as I can ...
far as I ...

can tell your face is bright
it burns
it writhes,
it turns
(but) you'll never never never learn the trick
of tangling this
of twisting it -
cause you've never waited in the ashtrays

I'd like to know you well
oh rag-trays
as far as I can, far as I can tell

o hell!
behold! a greater undulator!
o hell, don't tell!
o leave me here
leave well enough alone.

so here we go
from a drunken dance
to a drunken pool
where we're tied and fettered
in a heavy knot
that is
(is not)
(but) it's right for them
and I think you'll find it in the ashtrays


oh, ha ha ha ha ha hell!
oh, ha ha ha ha ha hell!
and I think
Track Name: a thousand rooms

there comes a time,
when your soft skin
warms in a world of insect life.

a time
when your red dress
swims in a sea of murdered life.

I would speak to you
but I could only whistle;
like the sound that you hear
of the waves
in a seashell.

nothing ventured
nothing gained
and nothing passed between;

and the dark
in which you hide your broken hand
is just a dream.

there are birds
in this room, shrieking birds,
and they've never come so near.

I could attract myself
like this ...
but it ended here.

the story ends right here
the story ends right here
the story ends right here
let it end ...

but, o, there'll come a time ...

the story ends right here, my love
and a thousand doors have a thousand rooms
the story ends right here
the story ends right here
let it end ...
Track Name: a dog barks in a blizzard of tickertape
~ a dog barks in a blizzard of tickertape ~

brandishing bells,
and rattling hand-drums,
dancers precede the king's Rolls-Royce -
for a program of sacred dramas,
and sports events.

cheerleaders, Brenda McCampbell and Chip Cornelius,
wring mounting decibels
from the frenzied crowd -
as monk-dancers don frightsome demon-masks,
scattering spectators like chaff,
in a game
said to date from the days of Genghis Khan.

the sounds of laughter
ring through trumpets of thigh-bones,
and rosaries of 108 disc-like beads,
each cut from a separate human skull.

most spectacular of all
is the somersaulting of young men
over axe-men balanced on logs.

'all the lakes are brimming!'
sings one peon.

far from seeing such things as gruesome,
they are looked upon as reminders,
of the brevity of life,
and the importance of pomp and pageantry.